Pumpkin Succades 80g – Nature Gift
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Pumpkin Succades 80g

Pumpkin Succades 80g


Wonderful Pumpkin Succades – a single drop from the eternal well of joy. A natural anti-depressant.

Due to its extensive root system that easily absorbs iron, phosphorus, copper, cobalt, zinc and other trace elements, pumpkin contains many elements that are extremely important to life. Zinc salts are very important for the strengthening of potency. Together with vitamin E and others, they slow down the aging process and prolong sexual activity.

Pumpkin is recommended for preventing anaemia, cardio-vascular illnesses, infection and also weight gain.

Contains: pumpkin and sugar. Store in a sealed container in a dark place for up to a year.

What makes Nature Gift Succades exceptional?

We make our succades from chemical-free fruit that we grow ourselves. Our careful drying process takes place in two separate stages which together span 14 days!!! At the heart of our process is a low temperature and a slow and natural technique where the acid and ferment content converts 100% of sucrose into glucose and fructose.

This allows us to retain the anti-oxidising properties that dried fruit contains. The careful preparation of the fruit retains its delicate flavour. You too can become an expert in the flavour of succades, enjoy them together with us!