Rhubarb succades 240g – Nature Gift
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Rhubarb succades 240g

Rhubarb succades 240g


Stunning rhubarb succades – cleanse the body of undesirable chemicals.

Rhubarb consists of up to 96% water, and contains a number of naturally occurring acids (pH=3-3,6). Natural acids and fibre have a beneficial effect on the digestion process.

Fibre helps in the process of collecting and eliminating unwanted and potentially cancer-causing chemicals from the body, especially the large intestine.

The nutritional elements together with the fibre contained in rhubarb decrease the risk of cancer in the digestive system.

Rhubarb succades are an excellent complement to high quality green tea.

Contains: Rhubarbs and sugar. Store in a sealed container in a dark place for up to a year.

What makes Nature Gift Succades exceptional?

We make our succades from chemical-free fruit that we grow ourselves. Our careful drying process takes place in two separate stages which together span 14 days!!! At the heart of our process is a low temperature and a slow and natural technique where the acid and ferment content converts 100% of sucrose into glucose and fructose.

This allows us to retain the anti-oxidising properties that dried fruit contains. The careful preparation of the fruit retains its delicate flavour. You too can become an expert in the flavour of succades, enjoy them together with us!