Have you ever been in a genuine, pristine northern forest? There, where some trees are hundreds of years old, and marshes where plants have grown for thousands of years? Where bears and foxes still roam and wolves howl? There, where rabbits live and giant, genuine cranberries saturated with earth energy, sprout between the mosses? Have you stood in a garden in the countryside of a northern land, well cared for by human hands, where bees hum and rare birds, not yet extinct in the urban sprawl, still sing?

Or stood in the middle of a field by a hundred year oak that you can hug, but can’t grasp, so wide is its girth? If not, then its about time! To get back to the earth, to yourself. To regain this power, to return to basic values, to yourself, to nature.

That’s where Nature Gift takes you – to an energy source. Our boxes of authentic, life-saving lingonberry, rhubarb, quince and pumpkin succades and syrups, and other natural wonders, are a straight and true path to nature. Come along!



We present living products, rich in energy that that inspire and nurture the body and spirit – natural, deeply healthy syrups, juices and succades. These powerful food supplements are our passion. We see how people regain their health from our superfoods, become even stronger and more creative. And that, of course, truly inspires us.

Each Nature Gift product had been created with powerful thoughts, sourced from a green location and prepared with added value, so that the human body and spirit will not hesitate to recognize a kindred spirit – a source of energy.

Our lingonberries have grown in rich, pristine peat bogs – Nature Gift is the most scrupulous producer of lingonberries in Latvia. All the other berries and plants have been grown and matured in luscious, green fields, using ancient methods of cultivation, and the deep ties to the land and knowledge of its energy source of the local people.

This is important to us because with our products, with what we have created, we stand for certain values – for healthy people who are powerful, harmonious and balanced in body and soul.



The technology developed by Nature Gift’s scientists is wise and very particular for it allows the dried fruits and syrup to retain the nutritional value of its elements, vitamins and life force. With us, everything is done completely naturally – we don’t add preservatives or flavour enhancers. In order to preserve the natural taste and the rich nutritional value of the ingredients, we use an especially gentle method of pasteurization.

The drying process, which is how succades are made, takes place in two stages, which together, take fourteen days. At the heart of the technology is a low temperature and a slow and natural process wherein the composition of the acid and ferments break down the sucrose converting it into glucose and fructose. This assures that the anti-oxidising properties of dried fruits are retained at an unusually high concentration.

Each of our products is made for the body, spirit and the emotions so that everything can be in balance and harmony. The tired will be revitalised, the sad, receive joyful energy and the ill, the force of life. Everyone who eats or drinks our succades, syrups or other products, receives exactly what their body yearns for, as the body feels the value of these natural products and knows exactly how to put them to good use where they are best required.