Blackcurrant Syrup 500ml

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To say the blackcurrant is the queen of berries is no exaggeration! A strong and pronounced taste and aroma. Slightly sweet with a unique, pleasantly warming taste. Even grandmothers come to us for this healthy berry when their own stash in the cellar runs out.

Blackcurrants are very nutritious and no other berry contains as many vitamins as the black currant. They contains 7 – 8 times more vitamin C than oranges and lemons, 10 – 20 times more than apples, and 100 times more than grapes, which is why blackcurrant syrup is highly prized even beyond the borders of Latvia. It contains anti-oxidants that are very important for eye health and good vision, especially for those who spend a lot of time at the computer.

Blackcurrant syrup is a great complement to many foods and drinks; however you need to be careful about the proportions. Blackcurrant syrup is useful relieving the symptoms of coughs and colds. Make a hot drink using 2 tablespoons of blackcurrant syrup in a cup of hot.

From one bottle of syrup you can prepare up to 5 litters of delicious blackcurrant drink.

The syrup has a “use by” date of 6 months, and it must be drunk within 3 months of opening. As the syrup doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, then the bottle should be refrigerated.