Cranberry Syrup 500ml – Nature Gift
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Cranberry Syrup 500ml

Cranberry Syrup 500ml


Helps you keep up your energy levels and vitality.

Due to its intense sweet and sour taste, the lingonberry fructose syrup is a great favourite of children and teenagers. This makes it ideal as a rejuvenating drink, one to take to school and as a refreshing thirst quencher after sport. We suggest it be used with hot, cold or sparkling water. It can be added to tea as a sweetener, or, mixed into natural, unflavoured yogurt you will get a tangy flavour.

The syrup can be used to make both hot and cold drinks. You can add it to black tea as a sweetener.

From one bottle of syrup you can prepare up to 5 litters of delicious cranberry drink.

Contains: cranberries, sugar.

The syrup has a “use by” date of 6 months, and it must be drunk within 3 months of opening. As the syrup doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, then the bottle should be refrigerated.