Quince Syrup 500ml – Nature Gift
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Quince Syrup 500ml

Quince Syrup 500ml


This quince syrup is exactly like the one your grandmother makes, like it’s been made in ancient times.

Unbelievably fragrant, full of vitamin C. Nothing compares to the delicate, energetically active aroma of quince. We have tried to retain this flow of energy in our syrup. We believe that quince syrup is beneficial to those who have a lot of thinking to do daily. That’s why, during your moments of relaxation, we suggest that you take a few sips of a drink to speed up your thoughts.

 This syrup is ideal with water at room temperature. If you would like an especially healthy drink, then try mixing it with sea buckthorn juice.

From one bottle of syrup you can prepare up to 5 litters of delicious quince drink.

Contains: quince, sugar

The syrup has a “use by” date of 6 months, and it must be drunk within 3 months of opening. As the syrup doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, then the bottle should be refrigerated.


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