Rhubarb Syrup 500ml – Nature Gift
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Rhubarb Syrup 500ml

Rhubarb Syrup 500ml


You will be surprised at the intense taste of rhubarb in this syrup. Even in the winter, it tastes like it has just been made, freshly plucked from the garden just before midsummer. A little piece of spring sunshine for your taste buds! It’s one of those that you want to enjoy again, and again . . . . .

 Girls are usually sent dizzy by the appearance of the first sun rays of spring. Others describe its taste like grandmother’s marvellous fruit pudding or dumpling dessert.

Rhubarb contains elements that cleanse the body of salts and strengthen the skeletal structure. We suggest the syrup be used with hot, cold or sparkling water. On a hot summer’s day, treat yourself to a Latvian mojito by adding some slightly fermented birch sap. Clever cooks have been known to use it for making sorbet and ice cream, adding finely chopped rhubarb succades.

If you find a new use for the syrup, make sure you let us know!

From one bottle of syrup you can prepare up to 5 litters of delicious rhubarb drink.

Contains: rhubarb, sugar

The syrup has a “use by” date of 6 months, and it must be drunk within 3 months of opening. As the syrup doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, then the bottle should be refrigerated.